Shahar Regev

"12 Tribes", for 12 instrumentalists, 2021
In this work, I focused on three elements at the core of my work as a composer: combining folklore sources as inspiration, concentrating on the linear lines and melodic motion, and finally, the unique performance and interaction with the audience.
The piece discusses differences and individualism in our society through the biblical story of the twelve tribes. Each instrument represents a character of a tribe. The melodies are inspired by the Moroccan cantor singing style at the synagogue. The audience can choose a sitting position between the players to listen to particular instruments or the entire ensemble.
Performed by the CPP Ensemble
Manhattan School of Music, New York
November 2021
00:00 / 05:11
"Palette", for String Quartet, 2020
"Palette" is a collage of colors and textures.
The piece represents my personal journey as a composer to find the balance of using extended techniques and contemporary style while keeping the lyrical and expressive voice.
Palette - Toscanini Quartet - Full piece
Palette - Jack Quartet - Mvt. III
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"Black Bird", for Soprano and Symphony Orchestra, 2020
A horrifying rape incident agitated Israel in August 2020. 30 men lined up outside a hotel room to wait their turn to rape a 16-year-old girl, while eyewitnesses failed to intervene. This should not happen to anyone.
Mezzo-Soprano: Zo Kiballa

Additional listening

"Ember", for Piano Trio, 2020-21
Commissioned and Performed by the Bulgarian Concert Evenings in New York
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Performed by the Bulgarian Concert
Evenings in New York, February 2021